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Healy Group

"Our goal is to provide niche, cost effective equipment that operators are passionate about"

Healy Group being an Australian owned family business recognises the need to make our working life easier and safer. We manufacture and distribute equipment that is easy to use, cost effective, low maintenance and efficient for operators working alone or in teams.

Customers of Healy Group are passionate about our products as they make their working life so much more enjoyable as well as offering labour saving solutions in the building, transport. mining and farming industries.

Whether our customers are using a LycoLoader to lift a beehive onto a ute or a diesel mechanic using a Spitzlift Crane to lift a turbo charger into an 800 tonne excavator, they are all enthusiastic and positive about our products.

Our reputation is built on:
Quality: From raw material to finished product, quality is key.
Support: Passionate clients deserve unparalleled support.
Customer Care: We value our clients and express this in our relationships.
Service: Complete inventory of new product & parts available for dispatch, nationwide, same day.

At Healy Group we are constantly looking for opportunities to design, manufacture and distribute equipment in our target markets and emerging markets. And we are open to opportunities to import products currently unavailable in Australia as well as exporting our own products.