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Healy Group manufactures and sells the award winning Lyco Loader. LycoLoader is a manually operated tailgate lifting device. It only weighs 50kg and allows one individual to lift up to 300kg.

That’s 300kg you don’t have to lift yourself-saving your back, reducing labour costs and helping you get to the next job faster. Suitable for any farmer, tradesperson and delivery driver that needs to carry a heavy load, the Lyco Loader makes light work of your heaviest and cumbersome cargo.

Unlike cranes and other heavy-lifting devices, the Lyco Loader doesn’t take up precious tray space. And because it replaces your tailgate, your payload capacity isn’t compromised.

The Lyco Loader is safe and easy to operate. There are no power devices or hydraulics to go wrong, and it has an integral brake that stops the load at any point. You don’t even need a license to use it.

Lyco Loaders can be mounted on the rear or side of most table top vehicles and only take around an hour to install either by a dealer or DIY.

Lyco Loaders are a must have for anyone who works on their own. Whether your a beekeeper, hire company, courier, plumber, appliance repairer... any industry can benefit from a LycoLoader. For more information, sales, service and support please contact Healy Group in Sydney on 02 9525 5522.